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This website is proudly brought to you by eWebFirm.com. The eWebFirm designers and developers realized a need for an easy-to-use, fast and full-featured uptime calculator tool. After searching high and low for available options and only finding a few inferior and lacking choices, they decided to build their own. This website is the result of their hard work. Enjoy!

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Please utilize the Contact Us page or email the Webmaster directly to communicate with eWebFirm. We welcome any and all comments, questions, suggestions, complaints, praise, website help requests/issue reports and uptime calculator feature requests/bug reports. Please be sure to rate this website when contacting us.

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eWebFirm has invested a significant amount of design and development labor and hosting expenses into this website which we have made publicly available for FREE. To help offset our investment, we decided it was reasonable to integrate applicable and unobtrusive third-party recommendations. The companies we have chosen to recommend are all leaders in their respective fields and come highly-rated for the value of services they offer and customer satisfaction they deliver. In-fact, eWebFirm utilizes many of their services so we have first-hand experience with these companies. Thank you for your understanding!

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This website utilizes an Ubuntu (Server Edition) Linux Distribution, NGiNX, PHP, XHTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, AJAX, HTTP Cookies, Flash, FusionCharts, PHPMailer, AddThis and reCAPTCHA.

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eWebFirm is extremely passionate when it comes to designing and developing our website projects. We meticulously hand-code each and every website, no Inflexible, Sloppy & Limiting WYSIWYG editors for our designers and developers. As a testament to our meticulous, high-quality work, all our websites follow strict W3C web standards and are fully Standards-Compliant. We are proud to provide XHTML (1.0 Strict) and CSS (Level 2.1) validation links which typically appear in the footer of all our websites. To learn more about eWebFirm and our meticulous, high-quality work, please visit us online at eWebFirm.com.

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