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Utilize the below easy-to-use, fast, full-featured and best of all FREE uptime calculator tool to determine Uptime, Downtime & Availability.

For customers: We've all been there — frustrating downtime with services we pay hard-earned money for. Don't despair because you can utilize the below uptime calculator tool to determine service credit eligibility or determine if it's time to move on to another service provider.

For service providers: Determine if you meet contractual uptime percentages. Run hypothetical "what if" scenarios. Allow customers to verify your uptime percentage calculations or verify customer uptime percentage claims via a "Results Permalink" to this common public tool.

To perform an uptime calculation, enter either uptime percentage and timeframe or downtime and timeframe — then click "Calculate." [more]

Uptime is a measure of the time a service has been "up" and operational. It came into use to describe the opposite of Downtime (time when a service isn't operational). Availability refers to the ability for a user to access and utilize a service. The uptime and availability of a service is sometimes measured in "Nines," the critical metrics of reliability. "Six Nines" means 99.9999% availability, which translates to a total downtime of approximately 31.536 seconds per year. The other "Nines" are "Five Nines" 99.999%, "Four Nines" 99.99%, "Three Nines" 99.9% and "Two Nines" 99%. To learn more, please visit our Uptime & Provider Info page. [less]

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